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Professional Project Management Consultancy &
Website Development

About Moxify

Creating project success stories

Projects can be challenging; we're here to lighten the load. Need a project manager to whip a project into shape? Need help with the implementation of your agile processes? Or perhaps you need a new website that really works for your business. Here at Moxify - we can help. We decomplexify the world of tech and empower your decision-making. Read more about our services below or if you have questions, please get in touch now.


From Project Management to Agile Implementation to Website Development


Running projects on time and to budget goes without saying, but they need to deliver on business needs and provide tangible results. At Moxify, we know the importance of defining your project requirements up front, ensuring all team members understand what the objectives are and why. We then apply a high level of controls throughout the project, from Discovery to Launch, to keep the pillars of time, budget and quality on track, whilst identifying potential risks to be mitigated.


You've already got all your team roles fulfilled, but you need some help in delivering best practice agile. While the theory of agile may sound great, implementing it isn't always so easy. We provide guidance, training, templates and tool set up, ensuring teams understand the benefits and objectives of agile, with the correct artefacts and controls being used.


Did you know to create an awesome website you don't always need a website developer? We offer bespoke websites built on the Wix platform. This means that you can be empowered to make future changes without a website developer. This is highly beneficial, especially for smaller clients, where the pennies can be tighter, but equally beneficial for larger clients too.

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